Press Kit

About GT3.0 is a physically based, procedural generated video game material library, focused on quality, customer success, and ease of use. Our goal is to remove the burden of material creation from developers by providing them with the backbone texture library of their pipeline. Using, developers can expect a 40% increase in their art production speed, while reducing their need for complicated systems and back-end asset management.

GameTextures 3.0 launched June 12, 2018 and features a total rebuild of every system, and every product we’ve ever created, as well as a complete suite of ready-to-use shaders and tools for Unreal Engine, and Unity called SHADE & GameTextures Toolkit.

SHADE. Is designed to work seamlessly with our materials, meaning even the newest of video game developers can successfully build their works nearly immediately with little to no additional training.

GameTextures Toolkit is a pre-built Unity Extension, which can load and create materials in our Shade Framework Instantly inside of Unity using our proprietary .Gtex Material Format.

With a membership, developers can access one of the largest material libraries on the internet, use our collections feature to plan and roadmap their project, and download any material in any format, in either 2048x2048 or 4096x4096 resolution. Users can also download the accompanying Procedural Substance Archive (SBSAR) for no additional cost.

Our GT-Free account, is designed for students and learners, and gives them access to 3 free material downloads every month, and allows them to purchase additional materials as required for their project.

Our History

“” is the very first Video Game Material Library on the internet. We launched in 2012, and were founded by Tanner Kalstrom. Kalstrom states that the goal of was to empower video game artists to create beautiful art quickly by giving them an extremely high quality, ready to use library of materials to work from.

The project started in 2011, and since then has grown to 9 team members, and world-wide usage in mega hits such as Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds, and Epic’s 2017 VR title Robo Recall, as well as hundreds of other titles, from indies to AAA studios. was the very first physically based material library, the very first ready-to-use video game material library, the very first third party Substance Library, one of the first sellers on the Unreal Engine Marketplace, and long-time official partners of Allegorithmic, with which we built Substance Database 2, Substance Store, and Substance Source.


  • Inspired by the old-school texture sites, we strive to provide the perfect material library, with the perfect materials for developers of all skill levels to build the project of their dreams.
  • A massive, ever-growing library of ready-to-use, video game materials and video game assets
  • Physically Based Materials
  • Procedural Substances
  • Real-Time Swizzling (Texture channel packing) will allow us to rapidly support new software and formats
  • SHADE. Toolkit for Unreal Engine 4 and Unity (Ready to go, extremely powerful shader suites available on both marketplaces)
  • Powerful Collections let users sort, tag, and plan out their games levels and art needs before they ever download an art asset.
  • Pay As You Need Model for those with less texturing needs
  • Subscription / Annual models for developers who know what they need
  • Commercial License
  • Royalty Free

Logos & Icons

Download .Zip File with all icons, logos in PNG. Credits

Tanner Kalstrom
Founder & CEO
Arvin Villapando
Product Manager & Pipeline Development
Matt Dirks
Lead Texture Artist
Michael Haggerty
Customer Success Manager & 3D Artist
Greg Amato
Lead Technical Artist
Keegan Keene
3D Artist
John Villapando
Social Media, Marketing, Sales
Daniel Rose
Blog Editor & 3D Artist
Fabian Ahmadi
VP Business Development
Airnauts Studio
Web Design & Programming